Q & A’s and Contact

Q. What is the style or lineage of yoga you teach?

A. I’m certified in Hatha yoga through the Integral Yoga lineage. It is a classical style of yoga that originated in India through Swami Sivananda and Swami Satchidananda. The longer I’ve practiced, learned about, and taught these poses, the more accessible they have become. Because every body is different, one form of the pose may not be right for every body so I offer various versions of the poses.

Q. Is every class the same?

A. While we’re taught a specific class and sequence of poses, I know that I wouldn’t be able to teach the same class every time. So if you’re looking for sameness, this is not the class for you. Being a creative, right-brained type, I switch up every class, however, there are certain elements of each class that remain the same and they are: deep yogic breathing (Dirga Swasam), eye movements (Netra Vyayamam),  and Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation, Yogic Sleep). Even meditation is switched up to expose students to different ways of meditating.

Q. Why do you use notes during class?

A. See above! Each and every class is unique. I have even been known to switch up class just prior to the start of class and even during class if it makes sense. Because each class is unique and I don’t have a photographic memory (unfortunately, or fortunately), I keep an instructor notebook nearby that helps guide the practice. Could I teach without it? Absolutely. But, classes and themes are better organized and thus communicated with it as a tool.

Q. Do you offer any more classes than what is listed on this site and in your regular student emails on Sundays?

A. As an individual teacher versus a yoga studio, I need to allot time for program administration and class content, structure, and sequencing. With this in mind, there are currently two series classes: one mat and one chair. Both are virtual. In addition, I teach two Saturday classes per month. One is regularly Yoga for Arthritis (a healing, joint-freeing series) and the other Saturday class is a themed class that typically rotates between: Yoga for Stress/Anxiety, Yoga for the Low Back, Yoga for Balance and Bone Strength, and Yin/Mindfulness infused Gentle yoga. I am open to suggestions for Saturday classes.

Q. What happens if I miss a class?

A. Please refer to the “class cancellation/missed class” policy here on this site for further information.

Q. Do you ever have substitute teachers for your classes?

A. I teach all classes. On occasion if I need to miss class, I might have a substitute teacher fill in for me, but more than likely, I’ll add another class or a class at the end of a series to make up for the missed class.

Q. Can I register online? Can I advance register?

A. The registration process is currently not automated. So there isn’t a button or online registration procedure. It’s pretty simple, though.  Your registration is your payment for class. And payments are acceptable in a variety of forms. Please refer to the registration page on this site for more information. Once payment has been received, you will receive an email to confirm your registration for the class or the series. You may choose to advance register for classes or series classes to make it easier administratively. Your advance payment will be indicated in my class roster.  For example, if you’d like to pay for 10 classes at a time (approximately 1+ month of classes), you can just pay $100 versus $60. You will receive confirmation and this advance payment will be reflected in the roster. This can be particularly helpful if paying by check.

Q. Can I practice Gentle Yoga even if I’m not flexible?

A. Absolutely. Yoga is not about being flexible. Yoga is not even necessarily about movement or asana (postures). You can take an entire class seated on the mat or the chair and imagine yourself doing the movement. Studies have shown neurologically that the body benefits just as much. Yoga is more than movement or postures. It’s a deep spiritual journey through the self and to the self. In every class, your body (and your breath) is the teacher. I am the guide. Anything that doesn’t serve you or your body in the practice you’re encouraged to skip or modify. Additional options and modifications can be discussed after class or outside of class.

Q. What is the best way to store the class link?

A. The best way to always have the class link to Zoom accessible is to save or store it on your computer or phone. You can create a yoga folder with the link in this folder and change it with every new class or series you sign up for. If you take class using a tablet, you can do the same. You can also save the link in a notes section too.

Q. How do I know I’m doing the pose correctly? Can you see me?

A. I currently teach all virtual classes on a tablet as well as a television screen for visibility. If you’re not sure whether you are doing the pose the way it is intended, please feel free to hang out after class to show me how you do the pose or we could Zoom privately.

Q. When doing a particular pose or movement, I feel sensation in my body. What does this mean?

A. Sensation can mean many things and it’s great that you’ve noticed! Sensation could mean that  a particular part of the body that has been asleep or dormant for a while, because it hasn’t been moved, has been activated. A sensation can also be muscles, ligaments, tendons getting accustomed to moving in a particular way or holding a pose. Something to continue to be aware of. A sensation can also be a symptom of something physical happening in the body, so it’s good to notice this, decide if it’s something you need to just watch or something to consult with a medical professional about. There should never be pain in a yoga practice, so if it is pain you’re feeling, please back off from what you’re doing right away and come into a resting pose (like savasana, balasana, or advasana-see the Sanskrit translation section on this site). Then consult your medical professional.

Q. How do I join your email list to get regular updates about classes?

A. There is a place on the registration page on this site where you can enter your email address. After doing that you’ll get regular emails on Saturday or Sunday with class options and listings of any new offerings.

Q. What props do I need for class?

A. Most of the time I’ll indicate what props you’ll need when I send the class link. Please pay attention to this as it can impact your practice. For the Tuesday Chair series, I recommend having a yoga block, a strap, and a tennis ball or other soft-ish ball. I also recommend an extra chair nearby. For the Friday class, I recommend two blocks, a yoga bolster or cushions, a strap, a few blankets, and an extra chair.

Q. Do you make adjustments in class?

A. I try to use all verbal cueing rather than making any hands on adjustments in any in person classes. In an in person class I might ask your permission prior to helping you with a pose. In a virtual class, I will not say any names. Many years ago, I was embarrassed in a class and never forgot it, so I generally mention suggestions out loud and 99.9% of the time, that person knows I am talking directly to them.

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Peace out!