Embracing Imperfection

We’re all perfectly imperfect. An amazingly worthwhile theme for yesterday’s Gentle Yoga class. As I meditated on the “perfect” delivery of this message, it ended up happening rather organically. I messed up an instruction and there was the perfect segue.

We joyfully celebrated our “flubs” in Yoga teacher training. After all, it is a practice with an enormous amount of material. We taught mini classes to each other, so there were many opportunities to work on delivery. I especially loved when someone said, “May your next breath be your last.” There were so many funny yoga-isms like that. I have a list somewhere!

Imperfections can be a source of joy. Embracing imperfection can be a wonderful learning experience where our truest selves slip into the present moment, shining a light on genuine humaness.

What has imperfection taught you?

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