Breath Check

When was the last time you checked your breath? Um, not for a breath mint, but to actually understand how you breathe in different circumstances. We take about 21,600 breaths a day and about 14 breaths a minute. This is something to consider. Here’s how you can do a breath check:

Ask yourself:

-Do I breathe fast?
-Is my breath labored sometimes?
-Do I get out of breath?
-Do I hold my breath sometimes?

If yes was your answer to any of the above, read on…If your breath is altered at times, when does this happen? Do you breathe from your chest or your belly? There are many benefits to deep yogic breathing (or diaphragmatic breathing). In addition to calming the mind and body, this breathing practice lowers the blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, reduces anxiety and tension, keeps the lung tissue toned (allowing you to take in more oxygen to nourish the trillions of cells in your body) and has many more benefits. For additional details about the benefits of deep yogic breathing, go back to the prior post in this blog, “Belly Breathing Benefits.” (dated 8/11/17) Breathe on!