Prunes Pack a Punch

Just to put it out there, when we think about prunes, they [maybe] conjure up thoughts and visions of old people trying to be “regular.” Am I wrong?

Okay, well hopefully this post will prompt you to think of prunes in a different light. Prunes are actually sun-dried plums and quite tasty! They have been used historically in medicine to remedy fevers, digestion and constipation, high blood pressure and diabetes. Eating prunes may help prevent bone loss, improve your gut functioning, and help to prevent colon cancer.  Packed with fiber, iron and boron, retinol (from vitamin A), and vitamin K they also deliver vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium. Prunes are especially beneficial as antioxidants and may reduce cancer cell formation. They are quite beneficial for bone  health.

Though prunes contain fructose, research has shown they do not lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar concentration when consumed, however portion sizes should be in moderation. And you might not want to eat them if you’re going to be in close quarters with other humans. Especially if you like them.