Finding Your Mountain

Tadasana or mountain pose is a subtle asana (posture). Because of this, it may be underestimated or underutilized. By nature, it is a preparatory pose for standing postures. Toes and soles of the feet are rooted into the earth. The body is firm, yet softens. The gaze is fixed, and the mind is imagining a mountain, strong, tall, and majestic. A sense of stillness washes over the body.

The physical benefits of tadasana are numerous. Practicing mountain pose strengthens posture along with thighs, knees, and ankles. The mechanics of the pose and the stillness it creates prompts the body to rest, digest, and circulate. In a world where we find ourselves seated so much, this pose provides an alternative beneficial posture. The breath becomes fuller and stronger as a result and fully oxygenates our cells. Lymph moves and helps fight disease. The back and spine have the opportunity to lengthen for less compression.

In mountain pose we feel more aligned to the earth and more aware of our mind/body connection. We cultivate all of our senses. By focusing on our breath, we temper anxiety and increase focus.

Trying standing in mountain pose as a Mindfulness practice. Here is a link to some instructions on Tadasana. Just note that the palms should face in toward the body:

5 Steps to Learn Tadasana

It is said that the way we stand in mountain pose is the way we walk through life. Have you found your mountain today?