Practicing Yoga without Postures

By: Guest Blogger Sandi Merrill

Anyone can practice yoga without physically doing yoga asana or postures. Often in some yoga classes, little time or attention is given to the breathing (pranayama) and the meditation practices. These two subtle practices have far more long-lasting impact than doing the poses. Keeping our breath strong and active while in the poses energizes the physical body. We enhance the benefits of the yoga poses, or any activity, by incorporating conscious breathing. It keeps our minds synced with the body  –  a moving meditation. Meditation calms the mental sphere which is then reflected in more easeful, deeper breathing that releases tension from the body. A more relaxed body is a more flexible body. A more flexible body is more resilient and less prone to injury. So while your warrior pose may get rolled up with your mat, full deep breathing and a peaceful content mind can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

Sandi Merrill is an everywoman who stumbled upon yoga 20+ years ago. After some “taste-testing,” she found joy in the Integral Yoga tradition. She is honored and blessed to be able to share the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda. Yoga teacher training uplifted her life. Today, she is one of the lead trainers for the Integral Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training when she isn’t globetrotting with her newly retired hubby.

Practice Makes…


Most of our lives we’ve heard the phrase, “Practice Makes Perfect.” Indeed there is merit in this concept. However, when it comes to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness this phrase doesn’t really apply or seem appropriate. After all, we’re not practicing to be perfect. We’re practicing to go deeper. We’re practicing to strengthen our resilience. We’re practicing to come hOMe. To journey deep within ourselves. It’s a bit of a shift in thinking.

What is your practice and how is it altering your awareness?