Meditation Affirmations

  • You are greater than your body and greater than your mind.
  • You are a marvelous being of light and love, immortal and eternal.
  • You are greater than your fears, anxieties, bitterness, and worries – you are even greater than your own suffering.
  • You are always surrounded by love – a love that can protect, comfort, and nourish you and offer you fulfillment. And you can directly experience the love surrounding you at any time. You can re-encounter it in the depths of your own being, in your inner immensity, from where you have always managed to gaze out at the world – realizing, on some level, that you can make it a happier place for yourself and for others.

From the book, “Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in your Life,” by Brian L. Weiss

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