Mindful Moment

There is a world within you no one has ever seen,

a voice no one has ever heard, not even you.

As yet unknown you are your own seer, your own interpreter.

And so, with eyes and ears grown sharp, for voice or sign,

listen well –

not to these words

but to that inward voice,

that impulse beating in your heart like a far wave.

Turn to that source, and you will find what no one has ever found,

a ground within you no one has ever seen,

a world beyond the limits

of your dream’s horizon.

~Paul Murray, “The World Within You”

Meditation Affirmations

  • You are greater than your body and greater than your mind.
  • You are a marvelous being of light and love, immortal and eternal.
  • You are greater than your fears, anxieties, bitterness, and worries – you are even greater than your own suffering.
  • You are always surrounded by love – a love that can protect, comfort, and nourish you and offer you fulfillment. And you can directly experience the love surrounding you at any time. You can re-encounter it in the depths of your own being, in your inner immensity, from where you have always managed to gaze out at the world – realizing, on some level, that you can make it a happier place for yourself and for others.

From the book, “Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in your Life,” by Brian L. Weiss