On Laughter

By Guest Blogger, Joy Lynn Okoye

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

There are moments where the stress, anxiety and chaos of our lives and/or in the larger world can overwhelm our senses and diminish our quality of life. Laughter can be a source for healing and strong medicine. Studies have shown that laughter can ease pain, increase immunity, and so much more…

 Here are three ways to bring more humor into your life:
  • Laugh at yourself more: The next time you say the wrong word, spill the milk, almost trip…become a comedian! Make it a humorous ordeal. If others are around you when it happens— they, too, will benefit from the comic detour.
  • Go to a Comedy Show or participate in a Comedy Improv workshop: Improv Comedy is full of hilarity…especially if it is live and you get to participate! Seek out local comedy clubs or workshops to experience ‘organic’ humor and creative geniuses in the making!
  • Just start Laughing! The easiest way to increase laughter in your life is to JUST DO IT! Fake it until you make it. Start laughing for laughter sake—and just stay with it until you are in a full belly laughter fit. If you can have a friend join you it’s even better! Laugh together. Make it a contest, an experiment, a new ‘wellness practice’. Become laughter buddies!

As you bring more moments of laughter and humor into your daily life, feel the happiness and joy within and share it with those around you!! Happy Laughing!!

Joy Lynn Okoye is an experimental movement artist, JourneyDance™ Facilitator, Integral Yoga Teacher, and Transformational Wellness Coach. She is the creator of Body+Mind+Soul Wellness Coaching™ programs and workshops which use JourneyDance™, creative arts, dramatic arts, and coaching techniques to bring forth a powerful environment for self-healing work.  Her current artistic project, Lumina (The Beauty Wound Project), is an interactive and partially improvisational dance performance project that was inspired by JourneyDance™ and celebrates the diverse beauty of women’s bodies in soulful expression (and the stories that go along with them).

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