Belly Breathing Benefits

This targeted method of deep breathing goes by many different names, but they all mean the same thing. Deep breathing through the belly signals the nervous system to calm down. Building this breathing practice will benefit sleep patterns, strengthen the immune system, and enhance the digestive system. Flexing the diaphragm muscle massages the digestive organs helping to relieve conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux. The most immediate benefit is that this practice lowers blood pressure.

Research indicates that 9 out of 10 people are chest breathers who take short, shallow breaths into their chest all day. This method of breathing tells the nervous system the body is under stress. The body reacts by releasing cortisol, increasing blood pressure. The body and immune system become strained.

Try spending a period of time each day taking belly breaths. Place one hand on the belly and the other on the chest. Inhale through the nose, puffing the belly out (pushing one hand away) and letting the breath rise. Allow the cells of the body to become better oxygenated as you take in 7 times more oxygen than a regular chest breath. Try this before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning. It’s great for insomnia. Try this sitting at your desk.

Find your breath. It’s right under your nose!


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